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Lorraine Kaczor

Youth Pastor

JUSt Youth

Loving, leading and mentoring teens into a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Canada - Minnedosa, MB

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Deborah Kadì

Alghero (Sardinia, Italy)

Ministero Uomo di Pace

Ministero Uomo di Pace, un ministero dedicato all'edificazione del corpo di Cristo attraverso la conoscenza delle sacre scritture per mezzo della rivelazione, mediante la guarigione dell'anima insieme alla liberazione e mediante l'evangelizzazione.

Ministero Uomo di Pace, a ministry dedicated to the edifying of the body of Christ through the knowledge of the Holy Scripture through revelation, through the healing of the soul together with deliverance and through evangelization.

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Shelly Kalenius

I work for a non-profit organization and a media company, where we touch people throughout the world.

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United States - Olympia, WA

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Yu-Ching Kao

I am establishing the family prayer altar, and claiming my family (Buddhist and Dao) for Jesus. With His help, we are seeing breakthrough in my family . The relationships among family members also are shifting day by day. Even if the progress is slow, we know the Lord is constantly at work and fighting for us.
At workplace, I am an English teacher, mainly in some private language cram schools and also online. I enjoy teaching and implement Kingdom principles in my class.
In the church, I have been an acoustic guitarist for more than 3 years for the Saturday morning prayer gatherings and Sunday services. I will say my role in the church is more like a culture transformer as Asian churches still have a long way to go for respecting, cherishing, empowering, and honoring women, and for empowering and loving the next generations. I am constantly praying for my country and the churches to grow more in this area and in the gifts of the Spirit.

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Taiwan - New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Debbie Keena

Holy Spirit works through me to advance His Kingdom through my career as a contract negotiator in the pharmacy/healthcare marketplace. I mentor teams in executing their responsibilities with excellence, precision, and clarity. I emphasize integrity, honor, grace, and respect in marketplace negotiations and networking as well as the importance of building strong healthy relationships. I focus on the end goal of fulfilling my God-given purpose of alleviating the sufferings of others and reaching my destiny to lead others to Christ Jesus by sharing His love and goodness with them. I purpose with intentionally to fulfill my current assignments of intercession; mentoring those whom Holy Spirit brings in my life; ministering in the marketplace where I am place; finishing my first novel which expresses Biblical principles through story. I am excited about the future and what the Lord is doing!

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United States - Canton, MI

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Lori Keiser

Founder President

Kingdom Mountains Ministries

Kingdom Mountains Ministries is a nonprofit corporation providing a wide variety of programs to the homeless, pregnant teens, orphans, poverty-stricken individuals, the sick and the lost.

Family Mountain Ministry and Mission Mountain Ministry attend to internal and external people who are either placed in one of our facilities (safe home) as temporary or permanent - dependent upon resources available and adequate funding with proper staff.

Education Mountain Ministry target day-care needs, home schooling, and college classes to our "internal" families living in our facilities. The public school system will be addressed through cooperation with local principals and teachers to provide large scale training to students about relationships.

The Business Mountain Ministry is where workplace ministry teams focus on "external" businesses expressing interest in learning more about biblical truths. These programs range from one-on-one fellowship to workshops to CEO leadership development. Also offered with this ministry will be opportunities for workforce employment through our participating business partners to alleviate unemployment.

We have no official building and work out of our home until funding permits otherwise.

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United States - Spring Branch, Texas

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Roxanne Keller

I am a pastor, counselor & life-coach. In recent years I have been working with single women and single mothers. My heart is to see people rise up, know who they are in Christ, & learn to appropriate what Jesus purchased for us at Calvary! But mostly, relationship! To establish & develop an intimate, daily, living relationship with Abba Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Seeing themselves, through His love for them!

I believe the Church is coming out of hiding, beginning to rise up, maturing & moving into more of the supernatural, miracles, signs & wonders! It is the "dinner bell" for the Gospel. We are learning more & more to walk & work with Him! I believe God has Harvest on His mind, and I intend to be an active player!!

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United States - Maple Grove, MN

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Charlana Kelly


SpeakTruth Media

Charlana Kelly, a dynamic speaker and teacher, delivers her message through multiple mediums laced with a clear passion for winning souls, making disciples, and raising up leaders to win nations for Christ. She's written Bible Studies, Christ-centered Educational programs, numerous articles and three books; You are Not Here by Accident, Reaching Out with a Message of Hope, and In Search of the King's Court. Virginia born, Florida raised, she got to Texas as soon as she could with her amazing husband of more than 30 years. This "sunshine girl" speaks truth and has inspired thousands to influence the world around them. Always encouraging leaders, loving people, sharing Christ and changing the atmosphere around her, Charlana's accomplishments are numerous; entrepreneur, pastor, community ministry leader, Podcast Host and CEO of SpeakTruth Media Group LLC. Connect, learn, and grow with powerful communicator Charlana Kelly as she imparts the wisdom, courage, and strength you need today. She is A Voice for Our Time.

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United States - Crockett, TX

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Candice Kelly

I minister in my home on the family mountain and also minister through my gift of hospitality.

Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, who's heart is set on a pilgrimage.

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United States - Lake Elsinore, Ca

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Gloria Kelsey

Gloria Kelsey is an ordained minister, workshop speaker, author, pastoral counselor, and spiritual mentor. God has used her to touch the lives of men and women through her life's story and message.

Gloria founded Revival Fires Ministries and facilitated international city-wide prayer gatherings, ministered in hospital chapel services, university and colleges, and has spoken in churches and para-church organizations in Eastern and Western Canada.

Gloria has worked as a volunteer with Prison Fellowship of Canada, Eagles Wings Ministries, and has served as associate/prayer pastor and ministered on the ministry team at various crusades and tent meetings.
Gloria operates in the gifts of healing, deliverance and the prophetic and has a mandate to see the spiritual and physical captives set free, healed and liberated in Christ.

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